Limerick Lake - SPRING 2020 News

NEWS UPDATE: April 07, 2020

Monday was back to being a beautiful day for outdoor projects.  Lots of sunshine and an , afternoon high temperature in the mid-50F range. It looks like Tuesday will be similar before some March-like weather is predicted to move in later in the week with flurries and much colder temperatures.  A gusty wind on Monday helped the area of open water to the east of the marina roughly double in size in just one day.  The seven day forecast still shows what should be a nice, gentle ice out.  That can change with just one big rain storm, but so far the forecast is for days warm enough to keep the melting going on, and nights cool enough to slow the melt to prevent flooding.  

There were numerous wood smoke fires burning around the area on Saturday in spite of a fire ban.  There was some confusion if the ban covered this area, but it does.  You can find the map on the Ontario government website.  It covers Hastings County north of Highway 7.  All fires, including camp fires, fires in enclosed firepits, and fires for warmth are prohibited.  Charcoal and gas BBQs are allowed.

Keep an eye on the ice-out contest pole in the boathouse webcam to see who wins the contest.  The open water to the east of the marina will be visible in the webcams soon.  So far, 4 guesses have passed.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has paid their seasonal slip bill during this difficult time.  The funds are put to good use doing pre-season maintenance. Obtaining supplies is becoming a challenge with Home Depot, Home Hardware, Lowes and Canadian Tire now all closed.  Managed to do a successful curb-side pickup at Canadian Tire on Monday. Not too much of a hassle.

After a review of the provincial business shutdown exemptions, we should be able to operate some portions of the business.  Convenience stores and marine fuel are essential businesses.  Marinas that serve customers that allow them access to their principal residence are allowed to operate.  We have a number of folks on Limerick who have no other dwelling than their cottage so that is their principal residence.  Campsites and the lodge will not operate.  Exposing employees to the public and each other is an issue though, so things might be moving slowly.  The store will not be very well stocked until some alternate method of obtaining inventory is worked out.

This is just by coincidence with all else that is going on, but in conjunction with the LWRA, the launch ramp at the marina will have controlled access to the lake this year.  After careful consideration regarding the introduction of invasive species it is no longer advisable to have open access to the lake for launching boats.  There will be a cold water wash station in the upper parking lot utilizing Virkon Aquatic viricide for boats that have been in other waters.  Boats that have only ever been in the Limerick chain of lakes will be allowed to launch without needing to be washed.  The ramp will be physically closed except when doing an approved launch.

The Limerick Township waste disposal site hours are 10AM to 1PM Saturday and Sunday only.  No Wednesday hours.  Access limited to one person at a time. The March property tax payment has been deferred for 30 days with no interest or penalty.  So for now it is due April 30.  New bills will not be sent out.  They also issued a press release Tuesday asking seasonal residents to not come to the lake at this time.  

Most ATV trails in Eastern Ontario are closed.  However, the EOTA, (covers this area south to Belleville) decided not to close their trail network and asked riders to use the trails responsibly.  

The roadway is chained closed until such time as the frost comes out of the ground and the road surface hardens again.  Call for an appointment to have the chain down if you need to come in.  The chain is there to keep sightseers out on muddy afternoons.  And right now it is muddy!

There are two cabins still available for the opening weekend (June 27) of bass season.  Lodge and campsite reservations are not being taken until the current emergency settles out.

A marina customer has an almost brand new 9.9 Yamaha outboard for sale.  2019 model. 15 inch transom, manual start.  4 stroke. Perfect condition.  Drop me a line and I will put you in touch with the seller.

The LWRA AGM will be here at the Lodge on Saturday July 4th.  The LWRA summer social event is Saturday afternoon, August 1.

On the long range planning calendar, the very popular licensed event that we have had the last few years is planned for the evening of August 15, 2020. That is a week earlier than previous years as the resort is booked for a wedding on August 22.  Derek Morris will be back providing the entertainment.  Made sure I got on his calendar early this year.

460 Limerick Lake North Shore is still on the market. The price is now $239. 

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